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into the depths of the swamps - a successful Sitatunga Hunt!into the depths of the swamps - a successful Sitatunga Hunt!SITATUNGA EXPEDITIONS 2018

Sitatunga! - This is truly one of Africa's most elusive species ranking alongside mountain Nyala and giant Eland as one of the most challenging safaris. A specialist spiral horned antelope, Sitatunga are probably the most economical of this hard to get group and success is usually high if you concentrate upon Sitatunga only and choose the right country and region.

In Zambia you find ideal Sitatunga habitat and this is one of the best countries for a successful sitatunga hunt, usually over 7 or 10 days. Recently Sitatunga and hunting them has become more accessible with the opening up of various previously un hunted regions in Zambia's great northern sector around the massive Bangweulu Wetlands.

Zambia's Bangweulu swamp, a vast wetland spreading to over 70,000 square miles in the wet season, is the Sitatunga capital of Africa. Currently this is your best bet for a Sitatunga hunt, combining a high success rate, trophies in the 28 inch range and enough habitat to go after big bulls unfettered, much like the early explorers. This is the domain of the Zambezi Sitatunga, a Zambian endemic in the Black Lechwe and the Bangweulu Tsessebe.

Trophy SitatungaTrophy Sitatunga2018 Sitatunga & Black Lechwe Expeditions

We have exclusive access to new areas on the fringes of the Bangweulu swamps which do harbor Sitatunga and other species like Sable, Waterbuck, Buffalo, Reedbuck, Yellow Backed Duiker, Puku and others. These remain unexplored due to their hostile environment BUT still hold great potential and excitement which brings us to offer exploratory hunts at reduced rates into this region for Sitatunga - totally separate from the usual sites hunted by all the other safari goers coming to Zambia for Sitatunga.

SafariBwana's expedition style rough hunts

This 14 day trip is a classic combination of tough mental attitude and extreme patience. To get a big Sitatunga takes time and even if you know they are there, it can mean hours of hard work and scouting before you get your shot.

This hunt is an expedition style trip where we cover the entire hunting area with a 4x4 Toyota land cruiser, camping out wherever we are at the end of each day and sleeping beneath the stars. Typically we'd find suitable Sitatunga habitat, stop, set up a rudimentary campsite and we check out the area for large tracks and sign. We usually build tree blinds and then sit early in the morning and evenings in anticipation. This trip is participatory and you need to be prepared to look after yourself and have a sense of adventure to enjoy this true African bush trip.

open air accomodationopen air accomodationWe provide the essentials, vehicle, tracker / skinner / camp help, food, drinks, bucket showers, basic toilets. That's it! You need to bring your own tent, sleeping gear and and other usual stuff you go hunting with. We do not expect you to do any hard work, we have staff for that but you may enjoy cooking over the open fire or building a tree blind or even constructing a boma out of grass and tree branches where we will sleep.

This is a great African hunting experience as it allows many days in a wilderness setting at reasonable rates and gives you a typical rough hunting experience. This is how we grew up hunting as kids, this is the best way to experience Zambia.

Scouting for a big SitatungaScouting for a big Sitatunga


Contact us for further details about this expedition style safari which can include other prime species such as Cape Buffalo, Sable, Waterbuck, Puku and more.