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Cape Buffalo Bull - KakuliCape Buffalo Bull - KakuliThe Cape Buffalo Walking Expedition  - $14,950 incl Buffalo

10 to 14 days in the wilderness of northern Zambia after old Kakulis - Cape Buffalo bulls - on foot, sleeping out under the stars next to the fire, opening new unexplored territiory and living the challenge of a true African hunt not a fancy shooting trip from the back of a vehicle! Hunt Zambia like the early explorers did, cutting a trail through the bush where no one else has hunted and meeting the challenge of Africa's feared denizen, the Cape Buffalo.


No one else in Zambia offers this style of hunt and it is without a doubt a truly ethical and challenging safari which harkens back to the very early days of hunting. These hunts are 10-14 days long instead of the usual 7 day Buffalo hunt offered by all other operators and PH's - you get to spend double the time hunting in the true wilderness for less than what others charge. All it takes is being able to carry a pack, your rifle and walk a good distance each day after Buffalo and other plains animals. We take care of the provisions, the cooking and most of the heavy carrying with a solid team of trackers and porters, your bath is a stream or river, your bed a sleeping bag next to the fire!


Cape BuffaloCape BuffaloWe have limited backpack walking Safaris available for 2019 starting at $14950 per person for 14 days inclusive of Cape Buffalo as the main quarry plus other more common species available as camp quota. If you don't shoot your buffalo, you don't pay the trophy fee which will be refunded to you at the end of the trip.

Hunts require a certain level of fitness and an adventure minded outlook as your journey starts at the very top of the mighty Muchinga escarpment and winds its way slowly down into the Luangwa Valleys best Buffalo hunting concession - Nyampala GMA.


Full Safari Rates for regular hunts in Nyampala are shown below for your interest! 

Nyampala Hunting consession - Luangwa Valley, Zambia

7 Day Cape Buffalo Safari in the most famous of the Luangwa areas - lying between the north and south Luangwa national parks - known for massive herds of the great bovines - 100% success over the past 3 years and the world record wild "unfenced" Buffalo was taken here.

ALL INCLUSIVE of trophy fee, meet and greet, transfers, lodging, meals, laundry, government license fees etc.

1x1 Safari - $19,000

2x1 Safari - $17,500

(above rates also apply for Upper Lupande hunting concession near Mfuwe Airport!)


Mukungulwe concession - Far northern Luangwa along the top edge of the north Luangwa national park, 

1x1 - Safari - $16,500 

EMAIL Pete for more details