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can I help you?can I help you?SafariBwana's Cape Buffalo "Rough Hunts " - $9950 incl Buffalo

I've always looked to those way out places where only the hardy survive as the ultimate test of a hunters will - not from the point of hardship, but rather from their acceptance that hunting in a vast open uninhabited wilderness is enough reward and the trophy is merely an achievement not a must have.

We offer you the opportunity to experience our Africa in a rougher style, a more authentic or rustic manner of safari – nevertheless a true challenge and adventure.

A good PH, a land cruiser, some rudimentary camping equipment, first aid supplies, clean water and dry goods for your trip – naturally trackers and helpers are also present. Sounds very much like a camping set up BUT here's the difference – there is no set camp nor a campsite, no roads where you will be heading, it is just virgin territory with a healthy population of game to seek.

We have over 900,000 acres of open undeveloped hunting land for you to explore – at your own time and your own risks and decisions – bring your own gear, pre order food supplies, load up and head into the bush! READ MORE HERE




"Dr Livingstone I presume" - a tale of possibly the most famous of all the African explorers in the heart of hostile slaving country which turned the obsession and pursuit for the source of the river Nile into one of human endeavor and will to end the most gruesome period of events in modern history - the slave trade.

Expedition journals show Stanley gifting Dr Livingstone with an 1860 style repeater carbine in .44 rimfire - while he carried an 1876 Winchester in 45-75. Stanleys favor for these 15 round repeaters probably came from his time in the American civil war and his experience with the Henry 1860 Iron framed repeating carbines. It is believed that Dr Livingstone received a HENRY 1860 RIFLE IN .44 RIMFIRE along with 1500 cartridges from Stanley.

Safari Expedition in the footsteps of LivingstoneSafari Expedition in the footsteps of LivingstoneHENRY REPEATING ARMS has kindly donated an original 1860 Henry Carbine rifle to the David Livingstone Museum near Victoria Falls, Zambia. The journey of the rifle will start out near Dr Livingstones grave site at Chitambo's in the North of Zambia and make the journey south through hunting wilderness, then west to the waters of the mighty Zambezi and finally onwards to the town of Livingstone where it will be handed over to the Museum for exhibition.

If you'd like to be part of this Expedition of exploration and history READ ON...


"Most of us are savages at heart. Deep down in the smug contentment of that hollow thing we call civilization there smolder the fires of our Berserker ancestry " Owen Letcher Thomas - The Bonds of Africa